Vastu For Better Living

Who doesn’t wish for better health, better finance, loving relationships, and above all a lovely atmosphere to survive in? With more and more energy healing modules becoming famous to balance the energies of the living environment as well as living beings, Vastu science is not lagging behind from taking attention.


When modern technology fails to fix something, people tend to go back to ancient science to find the solution. Vastu Science is one such 5000-year-old science that harmonizes the five elements of nature. With balance and harmonization, it makes a place a better space to live in.



These days people are more inclined to Vastu for peace, prosperity, and health through the harmonization of five nature’s elements i.e. space, water, air, fire, and earth.

What is Vastu?

Vaast refers to the ancient science of architecture and structures to create harmonious energy fields and maintain a good balance between negative & positive energies in the living space.


This science predominantly focuses on the direction of a place while aligning all the five elements of nature to create a congenial ambiance for the occupants.

What is Vastu-friendly living?

Vastu-friendly living means a Vastu-compliant living space that is well-designed and constructed after considering the layout, measurements, and geometrical coordinates to form a harmonious and peaceful aura.


When the living space is constructed after taking into account the Vastu preferences by Vastu experts, it is known as Vastu-friendly living. Examples include setting up of any kitchen in the “South-West” corner is Vastu-friendly, positioning of drinking water in the north-east direction is Vastu-compliant.

Importance of Vastu: Vastu for better living

Positive energies:

Vastu invites positive energies in the space or we can say it keeps a good balance between Yin and Yan so it offers you a balanced atmosphere. For example, windows or doors placed in the North direction attract prosperous energies while when they are placed in the South direction it invites cleansing energies that disintegrate the negative or used up energies of the space.

Comfort and Peace:

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone needs peace and comfort. A home should be a place where you can sit comfortably and peacefully after a hectic schedule.

Vastu tips like the placement of aroma candles in the right direction, enough illumination, soothing music in the background ensure that your room is your stress buster.

Spirituality and Inner Reflection:

Following Vastu tips, for your temple or, mediation room certainly brings spiritual energies to the place and accumulates them for a longer duration. When you get an aligned atmosphere to do your spiritual activities, the journey within starts. You become emotionally healthy and that manifests as good physical health. The northeast corner of your home has more positive energy and so it is extremely favorable for practicing meditation or other spiritual activities in terms of physical, mental as well as emotional well-being.


Vastu mainly deals with structures and directions that balance all the five elements of nature. When these elements are in harmony with each other, they create a very powerful atmosphere for you and generate the energies and ambiance which an individual needs to live a happy and healthy life.

Easy to apply:

The application of Vastu tips is easy and affordable. You do not have to spend big bucks to allow positive spirits to flow in the space. However, when you already purchase a Vastu-friendly home, you do not have to make efforts to correct the Vastu of the space. In Vastu-friendly apartments as built by reading real estate agents like BULLS ESTATE, you will see Vastu-friendly placement of beds and fixtures along with Vastu-friendly color in each room.

Ideal use of space:

Vastu ensures the ideal use of each space by positioning rooms, kitchen and temple at the appropriate place. Vastu-friendly homes are very well designed and built to use each foot of the space ideally while taking care of ventilation and illumination.

Ideal use of space:

Vastu compliant home is decluttered and designed in such a way that it easily lets the positive energies enter and flow into your house which results in harmonious and healthy relationships between the dwellers. 

Prosperity and Abundance:


Construction of Vastu-friendly buildings and correct application of Vastu tips invites prosperous energies and results in the upliftment of economical conditions.

How to ensure Vastu-friendly living?

To ensure Vastu-friendly living, you can simply apply some Vastu tips or consult the Vastu expert. So many Vastu-experts and architects ensure Vastu-friendly design for homes and offices to ensure better finances, health and relationship. 


These days leading real estate agents like BULLS ESTATE in Mohali, Punjab is building and offering Vastu-friendly living. They follow the proper methodology to divide the plot according to the Vastu. BULLS ESTATE positions the rooms in the projects as per the Vastu shastra and they also showcase the sample houses constructed following the Vastu shastra.

To ensure Vastu-friendly living, you can get in touch with any of the real estate agents in your area and tell your preferences.